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Fancamps, Fanfests and Ticket Exchange for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
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Campervanning it in 2014?!

10 Dec 2012 17:23

Is there a website with guidance for campervanning through Brazil during the games?

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

14 Dec 2012 12:54

We will have this info here, but its way too early for that.
First infos will appear after the group draw in December 2013.

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

03 Jan 2013 17:33

Thanks for that. So should we plan anything in the meantime or just wait? And you think that is a good/safe way to go?

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

09 Jan 2013 23:45

Plan as soon as possible by all means, as it will be much cheaper.
But for actual infos about Fancamps with campervan capabilities we all have to wait.

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

16 Oct 2013 03:29

hi. any news on camp sites as yet? hotels in rio looking very exspensive indeed. are hostel a safe substitute in rio?

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

16 Oct 2013 08:21

Yes, hostels are a safe bet and fun on the coast, but you need to book asap.
Expect prices to rise at least by 200% the closer you get to the World Cup.

As far as campsites go, there are no special camps planned until now.
You can expect the first announcements after the draw in early December, when it is known who plays where.

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

06 Jan 2014 21:52

My wife and I are expats from the UK. We have been living in Brazil now for nearly 7 years. We bought a fruit farm outside of Saquarema (just east-north-east of Rio) about 5 years ago. My wife started a website and blog detailing life in Brazil for expat's. After the announcement that World Cup 2014 would be held in Brazil, and the final games in Rio, we watched with great interest as the hotels, pousadas, hostels, and now even favalas have raised their prices exponentially. A few months back, my wife put a small article on the website about camper vans etc. as an alternative.

When you can locate a camper van, the prices are even going up there. That is when we looked at each other and said "why don't we create a campsite on our property?" With that, we have created CampinBrazil. Please check out our website and email us with any questions - here

We wish you the very best with your travel, your accomodations, and having a wonderful time when visiting Brazil this year.

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

30 Dec 2015 04:37

are hostel a safe substitute in rio?

Re: Campervanning it in 2014?!

07 Mar 2017 15:07

Thank you so much for this great info! giving for my favourite game :
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