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Where is the problem with this connection issue?

11 Oct 2017 12:18

So lately I was having instant disconnects on specific occurrences, like if I turn on cut scenes on, I dc at the closing victory CS at the end of a DF (semi recent problem)
I also DC semi frequently teleporting to the lav bed sub ward where my house is.

I thought i trial WTfast to see if the issues continued and they are not.

If the server move is causing so much issues should SE be paying for these VPNs? because it feels like the move was more made to save money on servers, not upgrade them. I been at it with my ISP for over a month trying to see if something is wrong with the coax end of of the connection since a lot of speed downgrading happens there and may be causing a jitter issue. The lead tech wants to blame it on routing but how come I am like the only one suffering from this?

Please Help !
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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