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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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Frankfurt to campsite

28 Mar 2006 21:12

Hi all you football fans can ne one help a confused girl in distress? i need to know how to get to the campsite from frankfurt train station and how much and times. there is for of us all girls (knew we should of brought sum fellas) we are arriving the 14th HELP pls!!

29 Mar 2006 00:26


Use the train inquiry system at


If you put in Frankfurt AM as the starting point
And Muecke as the End

Put in the date and time you want to travel

The system will respond by asking you to be more specfic to your end station select the Mücke(Hess) one from the drop box.

If all else fails PM me your arrival times and I will gladly go through it for you. :!:


29 Mar 2006 17:39

hi its jen the girl going wiv the only group of girls by the sound of things! lucky us! were comin frm blackpool (england) by coach we get dropped off @ frankfurt train station how do we get 2 camp frm there??????? help!

29 Mar 2006 17:41

what date do u get there on Jen?

29 Mar 2006 17:42

the 14th of june

30 Mar 2006 14:31

hey Jen! another group of northwest girlies! :lol: we're coming from preston but we're flying to Frankfurt,look forward to seeing you there! :D

30 Mar 2006 19:41

hey jen, ill be there with a nine seater mini bus, if you need a lift to the site give me a shout!
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