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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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29 Mar 2006 18:35

It´s a 2 pin 240V.

I just don't get it

16 May 2006 21:04

Will we be able to hire the converter and lead for the electric hook up for our tent?

I haven't got a scooby what I am supposed to have and don't wanna cause any disasters as I have electricuted myself before and am not a good friend of electricity.

If someone could send a link with a picture of exactly what I need that may also do the business.

H e l p ......

16 May 2006 21:08

we don´t have cables for rent, but anything you need is explained in the thread above.

17 May 2006 09:00

good to know, will have to find a converter for some of our stuff...

thanks for the info berni.


17 May 2006 09:36

My handy travel hint is to bring a uk power board with 4 or 6 points on it and then you only need one converter for the end you plug in to the power, (just a thought)

nice one

17 May 2006 21:28

Cheers Povman you are the electricity guvnor!


19 May 2006 17:49


Just curious as to how many hook-ups there are for tents to get electricity? I imagine alot of people will want to do this so will there be enough for everyone? Im arriving on the 8th, so not sure how busy the site will be then?

Cheers!! [smilie=111.gif]

19 May 2006 17:55

You can always share with somebody.

20 May 2006 02:00

I like to share, I am travelling solo, so power for a light, moby will be all i need , I am bringing a 4 point Aussie Switch board so any one else is welcome to share my other two points ....

laudery facilities?

23 May 2006 13:33

Hey berni,

Are there facilities for washing/drying clothes on site?
How many washing machines etc are there?
Ironing boards?
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