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PostPosted: 25 May 2006 05:30
by Joff
4 more Aussies on board here.

Look out for the guys playing AFL.

PostPosted: 25 May 2006 05:37
by povman1964
We welcome all types, I myself am a fan of all sports with the exception of Dressage and Synchronised Swimming ....

When do you arrive guys ...

3 more!

PostPosted: 26 May 2006 02:55
by Meags
Hey guys! Just wanted to put my greetings in...... look out for 3 gorgeous (hahaha) Aussie chicks from Melbourne with a poor lone Dutch man..... but he loves it!
There will be 6 of us hopefully if we can fill the last 2 spots in our caravans! We got tickets to Australia Brazil and Australia Croatia and hopefully will be doing some driving around between matches. Look forward to sharing a beer!

PostPosted: 26 May 2006 12:02
by povman1964
Welcome aboard, one lucky dutchman , with 3 babes from down under , looking forward to sharing a beer or 3 , on the bus to Munich ...

Go you good thing......

PostPosted: 29 May 2006 12:26
by Tw
count me in for a kick , bomber surporter myself...keep that between us at the moment, bound to happen at some stage.

Its just great to see so many aussies making the trip surporting the green and gold , can never be to many aussies just hope they have enough beer to keep us going boys and ladies.

Cant wait to see ya all there.



PostPosted: 30 May 2006 08:31
by trev
Looking forward to meeting up for a beer as well TW. See you on the 10th.
Cheers Trev [smilie=ernaehrung004.gif]

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2007 09:51
by berni23
Are there coming as much Aussies as last time?