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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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23 Jan 2006 12:37

No place for Cricket at the World Cup...


23 Jan 2006 14:49

scottishladdie wrote:No place for Cricket at the World Cup...


Agreed why would you wanna play Cricket at a time like this .. really some people :shock:

16 Mar 2006 01:56

Ok, I've mentioned this on a few threads now but seeing as this is specific to age, we are 6 lads between 18-24 years. We're all pretty laid back (Read: NOT annoying "lager lout" England fans) but looking to have a laugh, socialise, have drunken debates on each team's performance and maybe have a kick-about when we're not drinking.

17 Mar 2006 02:56

There should be about 9 of us coming in a van ages ranging from 26-35 so in our prime for consuming large amounts of alcohol :lol: Is there any other stripeys from Grimsby coming over ?? maybe we can meet up for few beers to toast the Mighty Mariners forthcoming promotion !! :wink:

31 Mar 2006 15:19

Our lot are from 19 to 45 and we also drink a lot! :lol:

31 Mar 2006 15:22

19-25 group of 9

3 lads, 1 lass

04 Apr 2006 00:00

Im with Beard on this one(see above, "not lager louts"), there are 4 of us, 3 lads all 22 and 1 girl also 22, we're also laid back and lookin to have a laugh and play some footy, but we will defo be puttin away alot of beers also, already gettin in trainin :D

08 Apr 2006 14:35

2 of us both 25 :roll:

09 Apr 2006 10:36

Hey all

I am 23 making it from australia for the big games , win or lose.....hopefully a win here and there but in germany to meet all, have a laugh , many drinks and to enjoy some great games of football.

There are a few aussies coming over we range from 20 - 25.

Hope to meet ya all over there for a great laugh and many cheeky drinks :wink:. I am sure i speak for everyone...May it be an experiance of a life time.

Germany 06 here we all come.Giddy up.

11 Apr 2006 18:37

I'm 39 and my mate is 41. i'm 40 in june so its party time.
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