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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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05 Feb 2006 18:51

Argentina v Germany

Australia v France

Brazil v Spain

Netherlands v England

09 Feb 2006 14:32


09 Feb 2006 18:38

was my predictions.

everyone else?

09 Feb 2006 18:48

settle down

09 Feb 2006 23:09

Freeman your all right mate.

Some people may be abit narky as they think they are running the forum. Simple error i am sure champ.

Always have a look around to see if there is a topic open mate and just respond to that if not , knock ya self out start one up.

Destiny 06 indeed my fellow trooper.

17 Feb 2006 15:01

Oh man... who even cares where he posts it... I didn't realise there were strict rules governing this - why anyone would waste "time and space" saying something like that back to him is beyond me - don't stress freeman - us Aussies got your back (n you know we beat that lot at everything...) :lol:

P.S. - Jokes - before anyone kicks off...

18 Feb 2006 09:56

i'll pay that becky ,lol

Freeman were ya gone to champ ?? havnt heard from ya in alittle while champ, dont let the power troopers turn ya off man, ya still have a few aussies floating about letting their opions being heard.

Well i just picked up plane tickets and plane tickets to amsterdam for four days , cant wait. Still cant get hold of tickets to games but as mentioned before we will still be running around like crazy in the host cities.

For all you aussies out there cant wait to see ya and have a few beers and all that over there.

Take care all.

Tw :)

18 Feb 2006 17:56

Australia v France in the quarters
Ha ha, have you been smoking crack or what? Australia will be lucky to score a goal never mind win a game. Enjoy it while you can as it will be another 30 years until you are back again. I suggest you stick to Rugby or Cricket, whoops I forgot your'e crap at them as well! Never mind chin-up mates.

18 Feb 2006 21:21

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

19 Feb 2006 08:44

Well we did beat uraguay which has won more world cups than england..........point taken i guess.

Cricket well.........the ashes isnt the world and we are current world champions there.

Rugby well we have won the most in this world sport aswell ,and even though we lost we were there last world cup.

For another massive effort , we are in the soccer world cup no matter how long it has been , we are there.

I love abit of banter but please for someone that seems to follow soccer its been 34yrs not 30 champ. How ya like them apples ?

Go you good thing.

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