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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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04 Apr 2006 15:24

So your using there coaches for all 3 group matches?? sorry for all the questions! Do you have any tickets? i applied every draw with no joy, certainly cant afford ebay prices!!

04 Apr 2006 15:47

Hey don't worry about it. I know what its like. Yeh we are going on the coaches for all the 3 group matches.

No we don't have tickets. Just going for atmosphere. I know Frankfurt is meant to be good. They are putting big screens on the River Maine, so thousands of fans can watch on either side. Then after the match they will be DJ's playing from the River. It sounds ace.

I know the prices people are selling them for are extortionate. There is some ticket places on the internet that are selling them for about £500 each, and over £2000 for the final. Even if you could afford them there is still always the possibility of not getting in incase you get stopped because they are unique to a certain person arn't they - ie - passport number, etc. So not sure i'd risk it.

04 Apr 2006 19:38

yeah we will all def have to meet up, im at the campsite from late on the night of the 9th june up until the 24th,i might give the game a go though im pretty sure i will be crap, but hey,this hol is all about gettin stuck in and havin a laugh,i am getting so impatient now! what teams do we all support girls i cant remember?

04 Apr 2006 19:43

Im a Chelsea fan.Boyfriends Arsenal.........we all have our faults!

04 Apr 2006 19:46

haha thats true Frankie!!! i like the way you colour coded your message there! :lol:

04 Apr 2006 19:51

ah thanks i was feeling colourful!

04 Apr 2006 23:27

Hey Girls its me again, I'm a spurs fan and so are the my 3 mates coming with me - 1 girl and our boyfs.

Mrs Lampard we only live bout 20 miles from you in St Ives, Cambridgeshire - spooky! Glad you managed to change your plans. We are at camp only for 5 nights while the Frankfurt game is on the travelling down to Nuremburg for second game. Getting ferry over on 8th then driving which I think could be a laugh - England Fans road trip I reckon!

I haven't got tickets either just think its gonna be an amazing atmosphere on the streets, some of my family live in Germany and they know how to through a party!! Beerfests etc....but no haven't booked the coaches am thinking it will be just as easy to get trains to and from game as there is no curfew on site and the local train station is only 2km so says the fabulous Berni!

How are we gonna know when to meet up and who's who, cause it would be good to travel to games and meet up with you peeps??

05 Apr 2006 10:09

Thanks for that engerlass. We may choose to make our own way there. Im not sure. Will just decided when we get there.

05 Apr 2006 19:48

Me to girlies. I live in Market Deeping!!!!!! Its gonna be a fen party!!!!!

06 Apr 2006 19:02

Hey Barbs im in Market Deeping too!!
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