Ticket Requirements

The World Cup 2006 in Germany

Ticket Requirements

Postby Rafalution » 12 May 2006 13:36


I am in the conditional ticket phase and am hoping to get tickets to at least one game!

Everyone is saying that there will be plenty of touts over there, but I really hate the thought og not getting to at least one game.

I am over from 9th-16th. If anyone has tickets for this period for games they cant/dont want to go to, please let me know. I am willing to pay for ANY matches.

Anyone who meets my request will have no need to buy beer during my stay! [smilie=ernaehrung004.gif]
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Postby Juha » 09 Jun 2006 09:40

Is there any chance of getting tickets old fashion style? I mean buying tickets on site etc.?
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