how safe is the site??

The World Cup 2006 in Germany

how safe is the site??

Postby matt18 » 20 Jun 2006 15:31

bit worried about all the stories i have heard.

understand it is a campsite so will not be the Ritz but do expect the basics. I understand it is not as good as the website made out but again I could live with this. What does worry me is I have a caravan and concerned whether it is actually habitable as some stories make out even sleeping in these are impossible due to hygiene etc.

also big worry of mine is security. I have just bought a new car that I am bringing down and worried now about vandalism to it and also worried about passports etc. I know there are lockers etc but I dont want to attend somewhere where these things happen. HAve there been many things stolen or damaged by drunks/idiots and so on. Would be grateful if you could help coz if so ill find somehwere else. Driving 600 miles from home to a shit hole would not be my idea of fun
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