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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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World cup photos

30 Jun 2006 11:59

If anyone has posted their photos on the web could they put a link on here so we can all have a look. Please, no moaning about the site on this one - there's plenty of other threads for that!

30 Jun 2006 13:40


god we fucking love a good statue!!

01 Jul 2006 14:20

the english being english (its me in the light blue top ukgooner!)
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01 Jul 2006 14:54

take it thats jasper on the floor.
like the way lees the only normal one out ofthe lot of yas.

01 Jul 2006 15:03


a beautiful scene from koln!

01 Jul 2006 15:05

check out the cops in the background!

01 Jul 2006 15:08


Diggler and Leeroy LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 Jul 2006 23:07

no kezza it was me sucking the moose off!!

Aussies celebrate

02 Jul 2006 06:03


02 Jul 2006 15:24

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