the biggest gays of union street

The World Cup 2006 in Germany

is to posh to camp, bonus and leeroy closet gays from union street

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Postby uklondoner » 20 Jul 2006 14:26

terry4captain wrote:I wish there'd have been all this shit while we were there! Could've done with some entertainment on the days there were no games! UKLondoner, you have a grandchild aged 6??? Let me guess, that would make you 29???
probably the same age your mother had you , what was she still at nursery what as my age got to do with it, your mother should of taught you some manners
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Postby terry4captain » 28 Jul 2006 13:11

And your mother should've taught you not to fuck every skag head going you dirty scrubber!
Take that wine bottle out of your cunt, chill out and have a drink!
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