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The World Cup 2006 in Germany
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is to posh to camp, bonus and leeroy closet gays from union street

Poll ended at 16 Jul 2006 17:16

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mrs lampard

02 Jul 2006 21:13

wouldnt do that the same applys to me for being a cockney

02 Jul 2006 22:00

uklondoner....a 'woman'....quality

what a mouth...and so opened minded....hahaha

wouldnt fancy bringing you home to meet the parents! fucking hell!


02 Jul 2006 22:05

by the sounds of you , you wouldnt be taking a woman to meet the parents, only a gay so dont stand on your high horsewith me, i am a woman defending her family and if you are anything to go by i wouldnt want to meet the parents, if you dont like it dont dish out the shit [smilie=dupa.gif] [smilie=rulez.gif]

02 Jul 2006 22:12

brilliant...absolute quality......!


02 Jul 2006 22:16

why do you think you are quality, your tounge is just as bad if you cant take it dont dish it out any way little boy go to bed by the sounds of you you are in need of some serious education dont they have schools where you come from you need your sleep tell mummy that they do a good line in omega 3 fish oil to stimulate the brain in growing children if you cant afford it let me know and i will send you some, anything to help little children with there education, and by the sounds of you, you need a lot of help my six year old granddaughter is more intelligent [smilie=boxer.gif] [smilie=rulez.gif] [smilie=i dunno.gif]

03 Jul 2006 08:27

Your posting this topic to defend cockneys? Am I right? The whole reason I was having a go at cockneys was for butting in and interferring with other peoples arguments, is the irony lost on these people??
When the majority of people feel like they have been ripped off then something must be wrong and berni has to take the can for it, by all means represent your opinion by writing what a great time you had but to jump to berni's defense is cgoning to provoke a reaction. The facts speak for themselves, people pay money - people aren't happy with what they paid money for - people are intitled to a refund - many people haven't received a refund - people get angry when they don't get what they are owed - when people get angry thet insult other people!
I am off the mark or have you changed your username to look like someone impartial? just a thought................
Why don't you come round mine uklondoner and i'll show you how gay I am?....................................


03 Jul 2006 08:39

i am not defending berni at all, if he ripped you off then do what you are doing, all i objected to was you three taking the piss out of uk gooner, other people said things as well but only he was singled out, why did you refer to him in the photos and as i have had the misfortune to see you in the flesh so to speak i would decline your offer as you are only a boy, and at my age only men would do, but i am happily married, and why would i change my user name, also i did not start it off to defend cockneys, it was done also about uk gooner, who is still in germaNY NOT BEING ABLE TO DEFEND HIMSELF SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN CHAGING MY NAME TO LOOK IMPORTANT I AM ME NO ONE ELSE,who do you think i was? [smilie=confused4.gif]
Last edited by uklondoner on 03 Jul 2006 08:43, edited 1 time in total.

03 Jul 2006 08:42

hahaha lol, fair do's, well I don't hide behind anything, thats why I posted my picture. He got involved in defending berni so it opened up a can of worms.


03 Jul 2006 08:45

uk gooner has not opened any can of worms, he has no access to a computer, he is still in germany [smilie=i dunno.gif]

03 Jul 2006 08:46

then he should be very careful who he gives his username and password to.......................
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