fat turk, spurs fan, may have been curcumsided???

The World Cup 2006 in Germany

fat turk, spurs fan, may have been curcumsided???

Postby stevo_leeds » 30 Jul 2006 20:57

The boys (stevo, wizza and deepo) are looking for the turk that looked pregnant, he was a spurs fan, and regularly got called dale winton!!!
He tride it on with laura who worked at the campsite, but was saw his dick and thought it was a migets dildo!!!

every one must remember this guy he banged the tables and chairs like a monkey!!!, and through beer over the sweeds which fucked every one off!!!

also stuart littles bird even turned him down!!! and she shagged every one!!!!
apres moi le deluge (after us the floods)
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Postby perthwhite » 19 Feb 2007 09:21

haha i remember this guy ,he nearly got in a brawl everynite

good times

is stuart little's bird shagging half of leeds now?
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