Remember Frank Lampard....??

The World Cup 2006 in Germany

Remember Frank Lampard....??

Postby jdd535 » 19 Nov 2007 02:24

What a party that was back in 06, if you was there, had a few great nights either in the Marquee, down the village (drinking in the other Marquee)..Or in Cologne!!!

Well If you was there and you remember the Beer especially the Lads on the 'stag do' and the Leeds Fan....Or if you can remember the singing in the Italian Restaurant..drop a message on here..Want to know if any of you lot are going to Euro Champs???

FRANK LAMPARD Will be back..Hopefully playing better as well!!!
Especially Beach Ball!!
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Postby perthwhite » 21 Jan 2008 10:00

there were a few leeds fans there....
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