Entering Russia visa-free for the WC 2018

Everything about the WC in Russia

Entering Russia visa-free for the WC 2018

Postby JensenBreck » 06 Oct 2017 11:20

Kazan is a multicultiral Russian/Tatar Orthodox/Muslim city, a mix of cultures, former Golden Horde city. Very welcoming city, many nice restaurants and bars, good pedestrian zones. Some ancient Russian and Tatar small towns in the vicinity for a day visit (Bulgary and Sviyazhsk).

- Sochi is a resort with winter and summer sports/leisure available all the year round, with beautiful nature and views. One of the most modern cities in terms of infrastructure due to 2014 winter olympics.

- Nizhny Novgorod is very rich in history, it's an ancient Russian city, an industrial city, though somewhat dilapidated.

- Samara is also quite old, 400 y.o., 9th largest Russian city, an important center of Russian space industry. Interesting, but probably the least interesting, though the stadium they are building should be spectacular.

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