should we try to do about it ? ! ?

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should we try to do about it ? ! ?

Postby JensenBreck » 13 Oct 2017 08:07

On the days I have to drive to work I drop my 4 year old off at school in the car (I walk if I`m not working) and, unsurprisingly, the roads round the school are rather full. Parking is very much at a premium. There is one woman who every day parks bang in the middle of a space which would otherwise be capable of comfortably holding two cars. Judging by the fact she`s almost always in the same space I suspect she lives on that road. Now, I`m sure we`re all frustrated by inefficient use of parking space but this woman takes it to a whole new level, every day she`s absolutely inch perfect in her exceptional talent to take up two spaces. I really do not want to overlap the driveway exit either to the front or rear of her, that really is super ignorant, but some drivers do so. No excuse but I can see why they`re tempted, particularly if it`s her house. To be honest I`d be tempted if I knew for a fact it was her house`s drive !

Please Help !
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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