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Fallout 76: Extensive update will be released in January

05 Jan 2019 10:16

Fallout 76 Caps Bethesda announced that another big update for Fallout 76 is coming in January 2019. Additions will include new quests daily events vault openings a new PVP mode and Player Vending which will allow players to sell their own items.

Ready with the December update Bethesda had begun to put Fallout 76 on the right track and improve the game. Now announces in the latest blog post "Inside the Vault" another and extensive update which should appear in January.

This could become a great way to make some in-game money and get rid of stuff you don't need and it could be a helpful feature for those who don't fancy grinding for a certain item and would rather spend some caps on it.

They plan to introduce a variety of new features in the game along with the usual debugging and improvements within the game. So expect new quests weekly in-game events new vault openings a new PvP mode cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps and more.

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