World Cup 2014 Brazil Fanfests

Fancamps, Fanfests and Ticket Exchange for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

World Cup 2014 Brazil Fanfests

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Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana is poised to become the place to be during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!!!

For the first time since 1978 a South American country will host the World Cup and won't this be one to remember. These are the people who have given us the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, samba dancing, gstring bikinis, beach football, Pele, Ronaldinho and a myriad of other grand footballers. This is bound to be the best World Cup in ages!

Brazil has many highlights including a full array of beautiful beaches such as the Copacabana or Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, the historic Christ statue, Iguacu Falls and the Amazon amongst many others with the pinnacle for every football fan around the world: Watching a match at the famous Estádio do Maracanã, which can not boast the 200.000 capacity of 1950, but it is still one of the biggest stadiums worldwide.

Each of Brazil’s 12 host cities will stage a FanFest:
A traditional setting for celebrations in Rio, the Copacabana beach famously hosts millions of people each year in the city’s New Year’s celebrations. Sao Paulo’s Fan Fest will be held at the Vale do Anhangabau, a popular celebration spot in South America’s largest city. While the capital city of Brasilia will stage festivities at the Esplanada dos Ministerios, with the Congress in the background.

“The FIFA Fan Fest symbolises the most exciting part of football and the FIFA World Cup as thousands of fans gather to watch a match together and celebrate,” said local organising committee board member Ronaldo, according to “The FIFA Fan Fest brings together people from all social backgrounds. As Brazilians, we have always had the custom of cheering for our national team in large popular festivals all over the country; therefore I’m sure that this will be the best FIFA Fan Fest of all time.”

The Fan Fest first became part of the official program for the World Cup in Germany in 2006, following the huge success of unofficial public viewing events in South Korea during the 2002 tournament. The concept was further developed for the 2010 World Cup, when not only the South African host cities, but 6 other cities around the world have set up Public Viewing for the fans to watch the matches in 2010: Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Sydney hosted Fanfests which welcomed over six million football fans.

Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana Beach
Copacabana is one of the most popular beaches in Rio (One of the others is Ipanema, which is a posh version of the Copa). It hosts large events such as beach football and volleyball championships and the country’s most famous New Year’s Eve party.

Sao Paulo – Vale Anhagabaú (Anhangabaú Valley)
A parade of 1.5mln people in the Vale Anhangabaú was the largest public demonstration, demanding direct presidential elections, in the history of Brazil. Located in downtown of São Paulo, Anhangabaú valley has gardens, fountains and several sculptures.

Brasilia -Esplanada dos Ministérios (Esplanade of Ministries)
If the Federal Capital of Brazil is known for it’s unique urban design in the form of an airplane, the body of the plane is located in the Monumental Axis, a 16 miles avenue, that connects the Praça dos três Poderes to the Rodoviária. Esplanada dos Ministérios is the home of the government buildings, built in two rows, with a central dividing the grassy paths of the Axis.On the green grass located in the middle of the Esplanada, is where the Fan Fests will take place.

Belo Horizonte – Praça da Estação (Station Square)
The Rui Barbosa’s square, also known as the Estação is located in Belo Horizonte ‘s city center. The square was once a train station,today works a subway’s station.In the tower of the station,there is the first public clock in Belo Horizonte, opened in 1888. This place has hosted several events, including the broadcasting of the games of World Cup 2010.

Cuiabá – Parque de Exposições (Exhibition Park)
The Senador Jonas Pinheiro Exhibition Park of the city will be transfered into a Fun Park, a meeting point for fans that includes lounges, large screens and other improvements for social interest for the World Cup in 2014. It’s located at the Riverside Avenue, the harbor area of ​​Cuiabá.

Curitiba – Park Barigui (Parque Barigui)
With an area of ​​1.4 million square meters, the park is one of the largest of Curitiba. Opened for the first time in 1972, the site has native vegetation and a great lake of 400 square meters, formed by a dam.

Fortaleza -Praia de Iracema (Iracema beach)
Iracema beach was named after a character of a novel by the Brazilian writer José de Alencar. One of the most famous postcards of Fortaleza, with a boardwalk used for sports and leisure.Other attractions include: the English Bridge, better known as “Ponte Metálica”, which goes to the sea, and the Sea Dragon Center for Art and Culture.

Manaus – Memorial Encontro das Águas (Memorial Meeting of the Waters )
The Fan Fest location in Manaus will face the meeting of the waters of the Rio Negro and Amazon river, the region’s natural attractions. A memorial will be constructed in the shape of an oca, as well as a restaurant with panoramic view.

Natal – Praia do Forte
Natal is one of the most visited places in Brazil. The beach is well-known for its coral reefs that form natural pools and is located near the Forte dos Reis Magos(Fortress of Three Wise Men).

Porto Alegre – Largo Glênio Peres
The Largo is located in the center of Porto Alegre, facing the Public Market Square and the square XV de Novembro. The pavement is like a Persian carpet, tiled with gray basalt and Portuguese stones , in black, white and pink.

Recife – Marco Zero
Rio Branco square is the first landmark of the capital of Pernambuco and for that reason is also known as Marco Zero, which literally means ground zero. This region is marked by its historic buildings that have been renovated recently.

Salvador – Jardim de Alah (Garden of Allah)
Another beach chosen to host the Fan Fests for the World Cup in 2014, the Jardim de Alah is located in the Costa Azul neighborhood, 15 km from the city center. The “garden” is an area of ​​coconut palm trees, surrounded by many stones that at low tide form pools ideal for swimming. A boardwalk and a bike path connects Jardim de Alah to the beach Itapuã.
World Cup 2014 Brazil
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