Brazilian football in crisis ?

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Brazilian football in crisis ?

Postby JensenBreck » 06 Nov 2017 15:43

Ok, a new team needs to be build and the main structure of that team should be ready to take part at the Copa America 2011 held in Argentina! That one will be the first and last real test to see who can cope the pressure the players will have to face only three years later in 2014.

Bottom line: only 1 year to go!

During this or the next year Ganso and Neymar will have to play in Europe in order to gain the experience to face European opponents thats for sure ... but there is no guarantee that they will adapt well.

During the last years there have been many prospects for 2014 who left too early, made stupid moves due to awful managment of domestic soccer or have not been developed well.

Some of the names:

Keirrison - a Benfica reject and future Barca bench player
Guilherme - somewhere lost in Eastern Europe
Neves - somewhere lost in Arabia
Celsinho - the "next Ronaldinho" my arse
Lulinha - loaned to second Portuguese league
Marcelo - failed to establish as a quality left back
Kerlon - a circus player worse than Denilson
Anderson - still has chances to shine but he needs to lave ManU asap
Rafael + Fabio - the ManU twins will remain second choices for at least another two or three years
Coutinho - stop dreaming, he will join the Inter bench
Lucas - failed to improve in England.
Douglas Costa - somewhere lost in Eastern Europe

Bottom line: 2014 will arrive too early.

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