Break back: players are disappointed with fixing one bug in

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Break back: players are disappointed with fixing one bug in

Postby game5mmo » 13 Dec 2018 08:52

Fallout 76 Caps The story with countless flaws Fallout 76 is gaining more and more dramatic momentum. Since the beginning of beta testing of post-apocalyptic MMO gamers tirelessly complained about the problems of the novelty blaming the developers for all mortal sins. But as soon as the authors took up the correction of their own mistakes the users began to ask in chorus that they return everything as it was - so researchers from West Virginia liked one of the bugs.

"What the heck? The task is called “Feed the people,” and not “Feed the three people,” said the user of ThisCocaineNinja and added that he liked the task because he helped all the other players on the server.

For many this was a cool trick for Feed the People but it turned out that this was just a mistake. And Bethesda fixed it. Now players everywhere write to developers to return the bug. Moreover the majority are not interested in the farm chicken buy Fallout 76 Atoms but the opportunity to help others. It was one of the few real ways to influence the rest of the players.

In late November Bethesda promised to fix her troubled creation freeing him from shortcomings. The company tries to keep its word but this as it turned out does not always lead to the expected results. However developers still have a chance to turn everything around. In the middle of December they plan to release another patch. The update should improve the stability of the game and solve a number of shortcomings that the owners of Fallout 76 complained about - perhaps just in time for the holidays gamers will be pleased with canned food.

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