Should Ultimate Coil Weapon have 5 slots?

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Should Ultimate Coil Weapon have 5 slots?

Postby JensenBreck » 11 Oct 2017 12:21

Hello all,

I've never posted before, but the reward for Ultimate Coil of Bahamut makes me want to say this.

I personally think that the weapon getting an extra slot is a good reward, however, I think it should be similar to the 5 slotted Wondrous Tails three line gear rewards. While 3 slots is cool, I feel something as weighty as "Ultimate" shouldn't have only a "cool" reward. It should have an eye-popping, drool-inducing, brain-exploding reward in order to truly satisfy and gratify those who finish it. Another reason is the glamour of the weapon just isn't enough in my opinion. While gold Dreadwyrm is cool...I think you know where I'm going, yes?

Please Help !
Thanks !

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