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Postby MichaelSmith » 10 May 2018 06:27

Hi guys

It's official. USA (300+ million) knocked out of the World Cup by mighty Trinidad and Tobago (1.2 million) 2-1 with help of the perfect storm of Panama beating Costa Rica and Honduras downing Mexico yesterday. In all fairness, USA would have annihilated either Trinidad or Tobago, but getting ganged up by both seemed unfair.It's been written about before but, the USA men's national team need to expand beyond the sweetness of American suburban talent and do more to accept the Hispanic talent that lays beyond those zip codes and also to develop inner city talent that's often being ignored. Alexi Lalas has a point about USMNST being soft and underperforming. This team needs people that are hungry for more than what was given against T&T.

Please help.

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