2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification??

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2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification??

Postby MichaelSmith » 15 May 2018 15:52


The last round of qualifiers for Russia 2018 are coming up this week and then the play-off round will occur about a month later. How is everyone feeling about their respective countries? Its been an up and down campaign for the US team and they didn't impress the last two games, so now they've got their work cut out for them. The schedule is favorable so I think they should be able to get it done one way or another, but if they don't then obviously its a huge failure. I'm also hoping Poland can make it back to the finals for the first time since 2006. They only need four points from their last two games to guarantee qualification. I know the FIFA rankings are flawed but its kind of amazing that they were able to get up to #5 during the summer, and that high ranking should land them in pot one for the finals draw. I've included the current qualification standings below with teams that have already qualified and those that are still in contention.

Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia have qualified. Australia faces Syria in a two-legged playoff and then the winner advances the play the 4th place CONCACAF team in another playoff.


Group A
Tunisia 10 pts
DR Congo 7 pts

Group B
Nigeria 10 pts
Zambia 7 pts

Group C
Ivory Coast 7 pts
Morocco 6 pts
Gabon 5 pts
Mali 2 pts

Group D
Burkina Faso 6 pts
Cape Verde 6 pts
Senegal 5 pts
South Africa 1 pt

Group E
Egypt 9 pts
Uganda 7 pts
Ghana 5 pts


Mexico 18 pts (qualified)
Costa Rica 15 pts
Panama 10 pts
United States 9 pts
Honduras 9 pts
Trinidad & Tobago 3 pts


Brazil 37 pts (qualified)
Uruguay 27 pts
Colombia 26 pts
Peru 24 pts
Argentina 24 pts
Chile 23 pts
Paraguay 21 pts
Ecuador 20 pts


New Zealand will face the 5th placed team from CONMEBOL


Group A
France 17 pts
Sweden 16 pts
Netherlands 13 pts
Bulgaria 12 pts

Group B
Switzerland 24 pts
Portugal 21 pts

Group C
Germany 24 pts
Northern Ireland 19 pts

Group D
Serbia 18 pts
Wales 14 pts
Republic of Ireland 13 pts
Austria 9 pts

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