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"Burglary" to the development room in "Fallout 76"

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2019 10:37
by game5mmo
Fallout 76 Caps It looks like Fallout 76 problems will never end. Bethesda has just made a mistake to duplicate the most powerful pieces of equipment and players have found a new way to get them - through the secret "development room" hidden in the game.

In addition to the inventory of items and equipment in the secret location there is also the only human independent figure in Fallout 76 - Wooby. It is a live shooting target whose task is to take damage of tested weapons.

"Developer room" is a special location in which you can find a copy of every item available in the game as well as several elements that eventually did not reach the full version although they were developed by graphic designers. What's more there is also a human independent figure here.

In the development room in Fallout 76 you can find equipment that was availablecheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps only with special (and more expensive) versions of the game as well as items that are yet to officially show in the game.

Naturally there are questions about the possible distortion of the game's economy. In this matter Bethesda has no mercy and banishes all who have used hidden objects. However as reported by players the block can be removed if we explain how we got into the room.

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